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Erotic Empowerment


Erotic Empowerment


BY-: Hari Andri Winarso

Erotic Empowerment is an energy system that forms a field energy magnet to give a fascination for another person towards our self.  One of the important and basic functions from this magnetic field is to increase the self-confidence, because it is a key to all hope and human success.

moreover, one of the key functions is that it increases your self-confidence as the air of confidence if you will attract others to you. When you are lacking in self-confidence this lingers in the layers of your energy body and has a negative effect on you as well as repels others. Lack of self-confidence weakens the magnetic field.

There is a meditation included that if used regularly will help you to increase self-confidence, courage, charisma and help you to have an open mind and heart. The empowerment has rays that you can use on yourself to help you with bringing out your inner beauty and radiance. You can also aim the rays at another person to increase their fascination with you as long as it is in line with the Highest Good of All.

There are two levels to the Erotic Empowerment.

The Manual Includes:


  1. Attunement.
  2. Aura Clearing.
  3. Self-Clearing.
  4. Clearing for others.
  5. Meditation.


  1.  Attunement.
  2.  For yourself.
  3.  For others who you love.
  4.  Sex Symbols.
  5. How to Pass the Erotic Empowerment for others.

Do You Want To Reap The Benefits Of Receiving The Erotic Empowerment

In the first level the energy body and aura are cleared, cleansed and cleaned of negative energy. This allows the negative energy that has formed due to your negative beliefs about yourself to be removed so that the aura can attract strong interest from others and allow the beauty from within to shine outwardly. This naturally increases your feelings of confidence about yourself.

The second level increases your sex appeal so that you have a greater magnetism and can draw persons of like energy to you, especially opposite sex.

You will also learn Sexual Attraction Rays to be used to increase the sexual attraction in you.

  • Increases self confidence.
  • Helps To Increase relationship abilities.
  • Increases self placidity.
  • Helps in Increasing sex appeal.
  • Send out your aura to be more strong.
  • Increases Your health.
  • Creates better relationships with others.
  • Simplifies and speeds up connection to soul mate/twin flame/husband/wife/relationship.
  • And, still many other functions.


These energies can also be use for healing and improving relationships or sparking or rekindling the flame in a relationship/Marriage.

Erotic Empowerment is a very POWERFUL attunement : Increases SEX appeal, Increases health, Aura Clearing and more!!!