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Fertility Reiki


Fertility Reiki


BY-: Argandini Titisari

Fertility reiki: In women, fertility means the ability to become pregnant and have a baby. A woman’s reproductive years begin when she starts her menstrual cycles during puberty (about age 13). The ability to have a child usually ends around age 45, though it’s potentially possible for a woman to get pregnant until her periods end with menopause (about age 51).

Fertility Reiki In men, fertility means the ability to make a women pregnant. To do this, the man’s reproductive system need to produce and store sperm. It also needs to transport sperm outside of his body, so it can enter the woman’s reproductive tract.

Fertility Reiki is a special energy pattern of universal life force that works well to unblock and heal any emotional or karmic cycles from past lives in the sacral chakras and auras of both or either partner, helping the flow of clear energy throughout the chakras, aura and physical body to help prepare for conception and pregnancy.


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