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Sexual Antler Musk Ginseng Reiki


Sexual Antler Musk Ginseng Reiki


BY-: Stewart Farquharson

Sexual antler musk ginseng reiki

Some of you know about the herb called Ginseng. It has been in Chinese medicine for many years. The root is what is used in capsules although ginseng tea is beneficial too. 

Some things it can do for you:

  • boost levels of testosterone the sex hormone
  • help you adapt to higher stress situations calmly
  • make you feel younger and stronger
  • keep you awake and alert

Musk comes from a small deer found in Asia in the mountains. It is said to have a good effect on your sex life. it smells like patchouli herb. Also rumored to INCREASE fertility. Deer antlers are used in Chinese medicine again, and recall the driving Force of stags in the fall, using Their antlers to drive back rivals. in Europe antlers and horns were so esteemed That virile gods were shown wearing horned heads or antler crowns.


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