Usui Reiki


Usui Reiki


Hope You have given yourself ample time for practicing the Usui Reiki Level-1. After that, you must have learned the basics and nuances of self-healing and healing others. Level-1 is a beginning of an exciting and profound journey. It is filled with self-discovery, personal change, love, growth. Further, it offer new experiences and an immense sense of bonding with a higher power.

Firstly, We again welcome you with open heart to the next huge step towards understanding and becoming fully attuned to Usui Reiki Level-2. Secondly, you will be learning a wide variety of ‘Advanced Healing Techniques’. Further, these can be used to bring Reiki into many different parts and aspects of your day to day life. In addition, it will raise your spiritual awareness and increase your Reiki energy channeling abilities.

During the Reiki Level-2 procedure, the Reiki practitioner (who has completed Reiki Level- I) goes through a deeper transformation. After that, the Reiki Master opens up their aura, chakras and energetic systems. Therefore, it  permit them to access higher levels of universal doorways of energy. For instance, information, love and light. You will become a more powerful and skilled Reiki healer immediately.

Additionally, students feel divinely experience as they receive the sacred “Reiki symbols” during Level-2 attunement procedure. However, (which until then have been hide from students due to the power of the symbols). 

Moreover, The Reiki symbols permit the practitioner to connect more profoundly to the divinely universal energy.

Above all, they can attract on the qualities of the symbols represent.



When You Got Attuned To Reiki Level-2 energies. Your healing abilities will now become more protected, enhanced & amplified. After that, you open up to the three very special healing symbols.

This means that after the Attunement you are  Attuned to the energies of Following Symbols

  • Cho Ku Rei                 
  • Se He Ki                     
  • Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen


  • Lesson-1: An Introduction to 2nd Degree Usui Reiki.
  • Lesson-2: Gassho the First Pillar of Reiki.
  • lesson-3: Reiji‐Ho the Second Pillar of Reiki
  • lesson-4: Chiryo the Third Pillar of Reiki.
  • lesson-5: Namaste.
  • lesson-6: New Possibilities with Reiki 2.
  • lesson-7: The Sacred Reiki Symbols.
  • lesson-8: The First Sacred Sym.bol – Cho Ku Rei.
  • lesson-09: The Second Sacred Symbol – Sei Hei ki.
  • lesson-10:  The Third Sacred Symbol – Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
  • Lesson-11: Distant or Absent Reiki Healing
  • lesson-12: A Traditional Distant Reiki Healing Technique
  • lesson-13: Examples of Sending Distant Reiki Healing.
  • Lesson-14: Working with Reiki 2
  • lesson-15: Additional Non Traditional Reiki Symbols.
  • lesson-16: Extra Reiki Hand Positions.
  • lesson-17: Combining Reiki with other Healing Disciplines.
  • Lesson-18: Animal Reiki Techniques.


  • Your Reiki experience is deepened.
  • Activate Reiki faster than before.
  • Be able to channel even more Reiki energy.
  • Your touch becomes deeper and more powerful.
  • You can treat more than one person at once.
  •  Learn to do distance healing.
  • Help You to heal people in different time zones.
  • Help you to heal your past, present and future.
  • You develop your intuition and creativity.
  • Get access to become emotionally free.
  • Help you to heal people at mental and emotional level.

Additional REIKI techniques

Additional Self Healing Techniques

  1. Working With Symbols – A Basic Technique.
  2. Working With Symbols – Additional Techniques
  3. Reiki Symbols Meditation
  4. Joshin Kokyu Ho Meditation (Adapted Version)

Additional Tools For Healing Others

  1. Giving Reiki Healing Sessions For Others  – In Person.
  2. Givings Reiki Healing Sessions For Others – By Distance.
    1. Giving Distance Healing – A Basic Technique
    2. Giving Distance Healing – Additional Techniques.
    3. Sending Reiki Into The Past / Future.
    4. Sending Reiki Into The Future.
  3. Bringing Reiki Into Your Life.
    1. Bringing Reiki Into Your Life – A Basic Technique.
    2. An Extension To This Basic Technique


Above all, You Will Also Learn The Art Of Doing Inner Child Work.


  • Original Manual.
  • Attunement sent energetically with love.
  • Certificate (Hard Copy or E- Certificate).
  • Continuous support via Phone or Email.

~Word Of Caution~

Usui Reiki Level-1 Is Must

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