Angel Stones


Angel Stones


Angel Stones Empowerment is an easy to use energy that attaches angelic energies to stone. It’s founded by Ole Gabrielsen, the founder of many powerful energy systems, including Kundalini Reiki, Orb of Life, Ethereal Crystals and many more!

The Angel Stones system can be used during healing treatments for the self and others, to effect a raising of the energy vibration within a room, to prepare ‘love structured’ water and for many other purposes; this is a safe system for your own experimentation; a wonderful energy to work with.

Just place a stone (one is enough) on the person you are giving healing to. As a distance healing just write the person’s name on a piece of paper and place the stone on the name for as long as you wish.

When you activate an Angel Stone by the empowerment an angel will be connected to it! It’s quite a different experience, than wearing a crystal or other subtle energy tools. When wearing an Angel Stone, a special assigned angel is constantly in your energy field, providing you with the energy you need. It feels very gentle and soothing. It can also be placed under your pillow while you sleep.

You can carry this stone with you, but you can also use it during hands-on or distance healing.

When placed in a room, the stone will begin to work with the energies in that room. It will send out soothing and balancing energies, to lift the atmosphere.

Benefits Of ANGEL STONES Reiki

  • Angel Stone are very special energy tools that will spread love and light into your life!
  • Lifts our spirit.
  • Works on your blockages and helps you to stay balanced and more focused on beauty and joy.
  • Balances, heals and protects you.
  • This is also very suitable for sensitive children, Indigo and Crystal children.
  • It is also possible to charge water with the Angel Stones.


With this energy system you learn to make an Angel Stone for yourself and others.
Angel Stones do not absorb negative energy and therefore do not need to be cleaned.


  • Original Manual.
  • Attunement sent energetically with love.
  • Certificate (Hard Copy or E- Certificate).
  • Continuous support via Phone or Email.
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