Gaja Reiki is truly a beautiful Reiki system, which captures and uses the majesty and gentleness of these incredible creatures. This Reiki attunement aims to connect you to the spiritual wisdom and the wonderful, powerful and loving energies of the elephants.

The Elephant represents light, happiness, purity, peace, and power. Moreover, it also helps in overcoming of obstacles in one’s life.

Energies of this attunement may further assist you in seeing your past life and offer ancient wisdom.

In addition, you will be attuned to the Navaratna Jewels energy, a combination of nine gems corresponding to the planets by the Indian Astrological system and the Lotus flower. The Navaratna Jewels are believed to represent the cosmos and to have an overall beneficial effect on the body.

The course contains a history and information on myths about elephants, an elephant symbol to use during healing, meditation etc.

The Navaratna Symbol

Also called the nine jewels of India, is a combination of nine gems corresponding to the planets by the Indian Astrological system. One of these jewels was the elephant, therefore considered absolutely precious to be preserved like the way the jewels are.
You will receive the Navaratna´s as ethereal crystals in your attunement and information about their properties.

The Lotus Flower

Lotus flower is one of the most ancient and deepest symbols of our planet. The lotus flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty. As a flower energy, Lotus has many uses. It is called the spiritual enhancer. Helps in meditation by calming the mind and improving concentration. It is beneficial when combined with crystals, it is very powerful in its effect. Lotus is an excellent energy for balancing, cleansing, and strengthening the aura. All the chakras are aligned and balanced by releasing, adding, or directing energies to them, thus resulting in better health and harmony. The Lotus energy is a part of your Gaja attunement.

Benefits Of Gaja Reiki

  • May help to better deal with family matters and overcome difficulties in relationships.
  • Energies of the elephant bring harmony in the body, mind, and spirit but also teach us about compassion and loyalty to our families.
  • This energy system may be suitable for healing plants, humans, animals and most of all our beloved Elephants.
  • As your spirit guide, the energies of the elephant can help you to see your previous paths with bigger gratitude, so you more easily will discover your future paths.
  • The energies of the White Elephant gives you ancient wisdom and power, it embodies physical strength.


Elephants are highly spiritual developed beings, reasons they are said to carry the Universe.


  • Original Manual
  • Attunement sent energetically with love.
  • Certificate (Hard Copy or E- Certificate).
  • Continuous support via Phone or Email.

~Word Of Caution~

You have to be a Reiki Master or Master of other healing modality to attune others, those to be attuned will gain most when they are at least Reiki II and above.

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