Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a ‘Divinely Guided Universal Cosmic Life Force Energy’ channelled in to our body via Reiki master/Practitioners. Healing helps us heal our body, mind & soul. Reiki healing assists to heal the root cause of the endless number of problems. Above all, Reiki healing deals with maintaining and/or regaining physical and mental well-being.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Natural “Hands on Healing”. It is the ancient form of Healing. Mother touch is the best ever touch consider for healing.

For Example

If you fall down or hurt yourself. Your mother rubs, kisses or sending breath by pursing her lips to the hurt area. There mother is giving her chi energy and love to the child and pain goes away.

Another Example

A mother healing touch where mother gave birth to two babies one of the baby was declared dead by doctors. While mother ask doctor to give her baby so that they can see her last time. Nurses put the baby on the mother chest. Mothers tears fall on baby hand and baby start to respond. It’s the mother love and her chi energy which went to the baby. When baby touch the mother skin it produces the heat which is the energy helped baby to become alive.

Another Example

When you hurt yourself while playing or burn yourself . What do you instinctively do? You rub, or hold the injury and pain subsides.

Who Can Recieve Reiki

As we already know Reiki helps to reinstate and strengthen individual’s being’s life force. Reiki assist their stability and well-being. It never discriminates. Reiki Healing can be received anywhere, anytime by anyone.

Reiki Can Be Received By Living Things And Non Living Things

Living Things

When it comes to receive healing for living things it include all living things from Human Beings to Animals and Plants.

In Human Beings Reiki Healing can be received at All Life Phases: From Pregnancy to Elder Care.

Reiki During Pregnancy

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing can be blessing in disguise for the pregnant woman. It is perfectly safe also. During pregnancy the woman body undergo various alterations which involves essential hormonal and biological changes that transform women’s bodies. Most of you just look at the body aspect and forget about the structural changes made in the brain also. Reiki healing helps to keep everything in the balance. Moreover, Reiki will flow to both Mother and Child.

It has been noticed that those woman who received Reiki Treatment during Pregnancy have normal delivery than Cesarean.

Reiki For Children

Reiki Healing

Reiki’s calm and harmless for children. It is also flawless for treating the problems, disappointments and shocks of youthful children. Reiki energies travel speedily through a youngster’s body as they have less blockages than adults. It helps the children in dealing with stresses of body and mind. Reiki can help in energy balancing and calming emotions stuck in depression or anxiety state.

Those children who receive Reiki healing on regular basis are more vibrant, happy, cheerful, calm, “anxiety and stress” free as well as they start to nurture their spiritual development also.

It has been noticed that the children who recieve Reiki healing from their parents tend to be more receptive, relaxed and calm during the Reiki healing process.

Reiki For Seniors (Experience The Light WithIn)

Reiki For Seniors

As people step into older age it is the most difficult and at the same time most beautiful passage in their lives. Seniors want to enjoy their life to fullest level but on regular basis many seniors struggle with age-related health issues such as Arthritis, stiff joints, injuries, Pneumonia, stroke, memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer, insomnia etc that can significantly reduce the quality of life.

Fortunately, Reiki Healing is a blessing in disguise for the elderly people as Reiki will help alleviate many of these above discomforts associated with senior life.

Many Seniors have been immensely relishing the comfort of Reiki. As it reduces stress, anxiety, depression and bring sense of peace and calmness. Moreover, it provides a sense of contentment, serenity, happiness in seniors who struggle with health issues, chronic ailment, sadness and mental health disorders.

It has been seen that the seniors who receive Reiki Treatment on regular basis tend to sleep better as it promotes total relaxation as well as it restores more love and trust with self and others.

Reiki For Pets And Animals


Animals do respond to the Reiki Healing positively. Most of the Dogs and Cats will accept and absorb the Reiki energies  more quickly than humans. 

From my Personal experience I had a Dog and Parrot. They do like to come to me, when I work with Reiki energy. I felt that they feel something positive around them. They both also allow me to place my hands on them freely. As I place the hands on them they tend to feel so relaxed that they started to close their eyes and went into the deep sleep. I still remember if I take my one hand of my dog, she just open her one eye and start to look at me that time I felt that my dog needs more healing.

It has been seen that the Animals who received Reiki are more calm and have less behavorial problems such as biting, watching, excessive barking and chewing and etc. Moreover, it promote bonding between Animal and Pet owner. 

Reiki For Plants


Fortunately, Reiki heals not only Humans and Pets but it can be used on plants also. Plants also breathe like us they also need food and water to grow and survive on this planet.

Plants are as receptive and appreciative of Reiki energy as all other life forms. Reiki can be used on soil, seeds, roots and on plant itself or the water put on the plant. Reiki can be given to any type of plant which may be indoor or outdoor.

It has been seen that the plant which receive Reiki grow more faster and have long life and produce more nutritious veggies than the normal plant.

These days Reiki veggies are more in demand as they have more nutritious value than the normal plant.

N0n-Living Things

Reiki healing not only used for living things it too includes Non- Living Things also such as:

  1. Automobiles(Car,Aeroplane,Bus, etc).
  2. Electronic Gadgets (Mobile, Tv, Microwave, laptop).
  3. Cushion & Stuffed Toys with Reiki.
  4. Drinking Water with Reiki.
  5. Clothes with Reiki.
  6. Charge Food and Medicine with Reiki.
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