Animal Reiki Attunements Will Help Us To Connect With Animal Energies.


Dolphin Reiki

Mark Scott is the founder of this Reiki. Dolphins are considered to be master healers. Firstly, they are here to assist us and guide us. Secondly, Dolphins are also called angels of the sea. In Dolphin Reiki life force energy comes straight from the Dolphins.

Above all, Dolphins have the capability to communicate on a higher spiritual level. Dolphins are considered equivalent to Archangels and Ascended Masters…………


Dolphin Trilogy Reiki

Dolphin Trilogy Reiki is a wonderful way for you to connect with the healing power of dolphins. This wonderful system of Reiki uses the love and wisdom of the dolphins and orcas to heal the mind and the spirit. Therefore, this system uses the love and energy of dolphins and whales to heal the mind and the spirit.

Further, Dolphin therapy helps in healing the children very successfully for a long time.

It will benefit the individuals with Autism, Mental Retardation.


Lion Reiki

Lion Reiki is a Magnificent attunement originally channelled and originated by Reiki Master Stephanie Brail in 2008. Moreover, Lion Reiki works with the archetypal energy of the lion. In working with this Reiki energy, you will connect with a lion totem and learn how to incorporate the positive aspects of the lion archetype.

The lion is the symbol of the sun. Therefore, Gold is its color. Moreover, as the female lion often hunts and works in groups therefore, the lion totem can offer support in dealing with groups.


Gaja Reiki

Gaja Reiki is truly a beautiful Reiki system, which captures and uses the majesty and gentleness of these incredible creatures. The Gaja Reiki attunement aims to connect you to the spiritual wisdom and the wonderful, powerful and loving energies of the elephants.

Most importantly, the Animal Elephant represents light, happiness, purity, peace, and power. but also the overcoming of obstacles in one’s life.


White Dragon Reiki

In her manual to accompany this attunement the founder explains, “White Dragon Reiki connects you to the spirit of dragons, particularly the White Dragon.

The White Dragon comes through as a very powerful being that carries the white light of Spirit. The energies are masculine in that there is a strong courage, strength, and power that is more aggressive than is normally associated with femininity.

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