Ravinder Singh

Mechanical Engineer India

I would recommend (without taking any second thought) Grand Master Abhishek Sharma to all if you want to learn Reiki or get some healing . I learnt reiki level1&2 from another reiki master but had to take a refresher course because no one can make you learn the techniques and steps that Grand Master Abhishek Sharma teaches.

He has complete knowledge of all Reiki techniques and methods. Also, the attunement he gives is just another level; you will feel the energy flow at each level and will feel the negativity leaving your body. He is such a loving, helpful and a compassionate human being. You will feel the compassion in his teaching method as well.

Most of the time during classes, your questions are answered automatically by him- you don't even have to put up the question verbally; his intuition is that much on spot.

If you want to learn reiki from a knowledgeable, compassionate and helpful person then he is the one to go for! May Lord always shower his blessings on Master Abhishek Sharma.

He is such a divine and blessed soul.

Manindera Kang

Dental Assistant India

I give full 5"⭐️" rating to Master Abhishek Sharma. No one can match his level of perfection and guidance. He is someone you can call your Guru for lifetime.

I am learning Reiki from him and his way of teaching all meditations and healing therapies is unmatchable.

I took a refresher course also from him as I felt the need to learn all Reiki levels under his guidance. I looked for many Reiki masters to learn Reiki from but no one can match his level. He understands each and every thing that you might feel while taking the attunements.

I suggest Reiki Grand Master Abhishek Sharma to all those looking for healing or learning Reiki or even for tarot readings as his intuition is spot on, each time you meet him.

Thank you sir for the efforts that you put in teaching and healing. I can’t appreciate you enough for all the work you do.

Best Regards

Swapna Navin

House Wife Abu-Dhabi(UAE)

I took many attunements from Abhishek Sharma.
I could distinctly feel very high level of cosmic energy whenever, I took attunement from him.He has in depth knowledge of various reiki modalities.

Nowadays, I am pursuing my Usui Reiki Grand Mastership Under him.Best quality I like about him is his dedication towards his students .

He follows up regularly and explains everything in simplest language. I could feel divine existence on various occasions. I feel he is a good human being.

God bless him more to serve humanity

Chung Fang Fang


They say When the Student is ready the Master appears..... Thats how I manifested You to Attune Me to the Violet Flame Reiki💜😉. It was a lovely experience Abhishek and what I most Loved and Appreciated was the Patience, Guidance and Tiny Detailed knowledge You imparted selflessly!

Speaking from personal experience, I Thank You with extreme Love and Gratitude the amount of Time and Patience You have spent Sharing and Guiding me through before and as well as after my attunement Abhishek!! You are a True "Teacher" at heart! The passion with which you share your knowledge is really a Blessing for any student!!!

Thank You for being such a great Mentor and Friend! 💕

Gaurav Jain


I came to know about Abhishek's website ( While searching for a course on Spirit Fire Reiki. I reached out to him on mobile and he answered all my queries about Spirit Fire Reiki. I felt comfortable after speaking to him and decided to go forward with the distant attunement for the Spirit Fire Reiki course. On the day of the attunement, Abhishek called me and gave an easy to understand overview of the attunement process and answered all my questions patiently. On the day after the attunement, Abhishek explained the course content in the Spirit Fire Reiki book and also got me to write down the process for performing Spirit Fire Reiki.

I have done levels (1-3A) but those were all in-person attunements from another master. This was my 1st distant attunement reiki session. I had my apprehensions which were duly answered by master Abhishek. At the appointed time, I was lying on my back with eyes closed with the intention of receiving the distant attunement. I immediately realized that I had started receiving the attunement. Initially, the energies were very warm but then both of my palms became very hot. After some time, I started sweating even though I was lying below the fan. After a while, it felt very comfortable and soothing. It was a wonderful experience receiving my first distance attunement.

Nrusingh Prasad Pratihari

Yoga Instructor India

I Nrusingh Prasad Pratihari from Odisha reached Mr. Abhishek Sharma Ji Via IARP Website.

I also received Usui Reiki Level-1 distance attunemnet from Mr. Abhishek sharma on dated 10/10/2019. The experience of receiving Distance Usui Reiki Level-1 attunement is same as in person Reiki attunement.

Abhishek ji taught me over phone. He taught me the basics of Usui Reiki as well as he cleared my all doubts the manual he gave me. He also sent me a self healing video which helped in self healing. I felt calm and stable after doing the self-healing meditation advised by abhishek ji. He taught me and ask me to write the techniques and meditation in the notebook.

Moreover whenever I called him and asked him about the Usui Reiki course he is ready to help and clear my queries with ease. I recommend you all that you must Learn Reiki courses from him and you will love his teaching style and the way he teach. Now after sometime I will planning to do Usui Reiki Level-2 attunement from Abhishek Ji

I am very thankful to Abhishek ji.

Brian Smith

Happy Officer

I would like to thank you for your assistance during this difficult time & thank you for the progress I have made with my health. My muscular condition is giving steady improvement however my body has started to detox. While this is great, it is also wreaking havoc on my liver, kidneys, & heart. Thank you for helping me thru this in this difficult time. Thank You, Brian Smith

Dr. A.K.Sharma

Homeopathic Doctor India

I Dr. A K Sharma from Jaipur was facing issues regarding stress and anxiety during the lock down. With my Friend Reference I come to know about Mr. Abhishek Sharma.
I got few sessions of distance Reiki healing from Mr. Abhishek Sharma. Now I am feeling much better and relaxed. In future if needed I will surely contact you.

Prem Kumari

House wife India

I Mrs. Prem Kumar and my husband Raj Sharma hails from Jaipur. During the ongoing lock down we both were feeling loneliness and intense pressure of stress and anxiety. We both contacted Abhishek Sharma through his website and we read about Reiki healing. Then after reading we thought about it that it may help us in coming out of stress and anxiety. After contacting Abhishek Sharma briefed us everything about it and we agree to have some Reiki Sessions. Then we both got few sessions of distance Reiki healing from Abhishek Sharma of Patiala. After couple of sessions we started to feel comfortable, relaxed and started to cope with loneliness more positively. Thank You.

Dev Sharma

Retd Engineer India

Myself and my wife had been suffering from depression for the last few years and we are on antidepressants. Then we came to know about Mr. Abhishek Sharma, a Master in Reiki healing and other allied fields.

He started our Reiki healing and after a week, we aer almost relieved of our problem. I can vouch for his mystic healing. Any one with any disease can hire his services. He is at Patiala. We are indebted to this great master of the distant energy healing.
God bless him n his family.
Thank you.


School Teacher, Sweden

Hello friends! I just want to share with you guys that my experience with Reikimaster And Tarot card Reader Abhishek sharma.

It was wonderful experience to get healing, Psychic reading and counseling from Acharya Abhishek.

Firstly I got Full session of Tarot reading from Abhishek Sharma and his reading about my past and present was really great. I got stunned or shocked how someone can predict so right about my past and present events. For future he also guided me.

After couple of days my husband contacted him again as I
suffered a painc attack. Abhishek arrived at my home and gave me Reiki healing after that I started feeling much better and calm joyful👌🙂.
very kind of him to give me therapy to feel relaxed..

Thank you so much Abhishek🙏

God bless you!

Rajesh Sharma

Clinical Nurse Manager, Ireland(Dublin)

Hello Friends Myself Rajesh Sharma living in Dublin Ireland. Before sometime I got infected with Corona. I am working as a clinical nurse manager. Whilst I was on duty in hospital I Think I got infected. There were all clinical symptoms in me.

I was got contacted to Mr. Abhishek Sharma through one of my friends. Abhishek sharma sent me Divine Healing. Moreover he also let me know the procedure to receive the healing.

I literally tell you that after receiving Cosmic Respiratory Healing. I was able to regain or built my confidence during my tough days and it also helped me a lot to fight against the disease (i.e. Covid-19). It also helped me to keep myself healthy.

I am thankful to Mr. Abhishek Sharma from the core of my heart. I wish that he may serve the Humanity like this. So, I politely request you if you get opportunity in your black days ( i.e. Negative times) if you use his services it will very helpful and beneficial for you and as well as you will feel very positive as positive energy( aura) created around you. I also feels positive energy around me.

Now I have joined my duty 2 weeks back and working happily in the hospital. I am fully fit now.
Thank You Friends

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